Esque Cosmetics: A Full Review

Disclaimer: I worked for Esque Cosmetics as a beauty blogger for a few months and received products at a discounted price, so it’s possible that this review could be slightly biased. However, I will strive for honesty as much as I can because I want to give you guys a true picture of the quality of this brand.

If you’d like to read some of the articles I wrote for Esque, you can find them here. While you’re there, check out some of the brand’s lipsticks–you won’t be disappointed!


From left to right: Flirt (Creme Collection), Hollywood (Matte Collection), Brown Sugar (Creme Collection), Tigress (Creme Collection), and Esquire (Matte Collection)

Esque Cosmetics: The Brand

Esque Cosmetics is a new makeup company (they just celebrated their first anniversary!) located in Miami. You can find them on Facebook and Instagram as well as their website. A few notable aspects of this company are that they don’t test on animals (yay!), and they manufacture in accordance with Good Manufacturing Procedure, the FDA, and PCPC Quality Assurance Guidelines (good to know).

Esque strives to encourage hardworking women to bring out their boldness and confidence. According to the brand’s bio, “Each Esque color uniquely represents a different sense of bold personalities that every woman can show off to the world, whether in the workplace or at any social event.”

Esque Cosmetics has three different collections of lipstick: Creme, Matte, and Liquid Matte. In total, the brand has twenty different shades to choose from. I personally own seven and am extremely excited to share my opinions with you! From price to color payoff, I’ll tell you everything I know about Esque’s lipsticks.

Price: 9/10

The Matte and Creme Collections are $10 each, while the Liquid Matte Collection rings up at $18 each. Compared to the vast majority of high-end brands, these prices are great! They settle in the middle of drugstore and high-end lipsticks in price, but they lean toward high-end in quality, so you’re getting a great deal!

Packaging: 10/10

Your lipstick will arrive in a cute black mesh drawstring bag. As for the product itself, the packaging is sleek and classy. It’s the kind of packaging that looks high-class and elegant; you’d be proud to display it on your makeup counter.


Application: 8/10

The Liquid Matte lipsticks would score a 10/10 in this section. However, the Matte and Creme lipstick are missing a little something in the application department. Although they’re creamy and slide easily onto the lips, it can be difficult to get the lipstick to apply perfectly and evenly without using a lip brush. However, it’s not impossible by any means–it just takes a little extra effort.

Color Payoff: 10/10

These are some of the most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen. Trust me, the color of the lipstick in the tube will be the exact same color on your lips. The colors are absolutely stunning and leave nothing to be desired.

Wear: 7/10

Again, for the Liquid Mattes alone the score would be different: either a 9/10 or 10/10. However, the Creme and Matte collections do wear off throughout the day and if you eat or drink something. You’ll want to keep your lipstick with you to do touchups throughout the day.

Ordering Experience: 10/10

Super simple and easy. The website is a breeze to navigate, and my orders arrived amazingly quickly. Absolutely no complaints in this area.

Overall Score (average of scores above): 9/10


(My apologies for the sloppy swatch photos)








From left to right: Brown Sugar (Creme Collection), Hollywood (Matte Collection), and Flirt (Creme Collection)

Processed with MOLDIV

From left to right: Tigress (Creme Collection), Esquire (Matte Collection), Mauvelous (Liquid Matte Collection), and Red Carpet (Liquid Matte Collection)

Looks and Reviews

Since Esque’s site only shows the lipstick shades on a woman with a more olive skin tone, I thought it might be helpful to include photos on my very pale skin tone.

Mauvelous from the Liquid Matte Collection is hands-down my favorite lipstick–from Esque Cosmetics or any other brand! It completes any makeup look and stays on all day. I can’t think of a single negative thing to say about it.

Red Carpet from the Liquid Matte Collection is the perfect red, and it stays on no matter what. It’s the shade of red lipstick every woman should own.

Tigress from the Creme Collection is smooth, creamy, and perfect to go with a spring or summer look.

Flirt from the Creme Collection is a great color for going out. It’s very girly and flattering, almost like a Barbie doll lip color. Similar to the other Creme shades, it’s silky smooth and glides onto lips easily.

Hollywood from the Matte Collection is a great shade for fall; it’s a rich plum color that will complement any fall ensemble.

Brown Sugar from the Creme Collection is another great pick for the autumn season. It’s very similar to Hollywood, but has a darker, more cranberry tone.

Esquire from the Matte Collection is another great red shade from Esque. It’s not as vibrant as Red Carpet, but if you’re looking for more of an understated red lip, this shade is for you.

Additional notes:

  • When using the Liquid Matte lipsticks, makeup wipes and liquid makeup remover will become your new best friends. These shades are impossible to remove with soap and water alone.
  • Exfoliating makes a huge difference in how your application goes. Make sure to exfoliate your lips on a regular basis and keep them hydrated for best results.
  • Overall, this is a great brand and you should definitely try a few shades! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve heard of Esque before or if you’re going to be purchasing some lipsticks!




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