How to Pull an Outfit Together

We all have days when our outfits don’t look quite right, but we can’t pinpoint the problem. Many times, the issue is that we’re sticking with the outfit by itself without adding anything to it. Accessorizing is both fun and difficult–it’s hard to know which accessories are the right ones to add. Below I’ll show you several different ways to complete an outfit.

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Starting with the basics

Say you’re starting out with this outfit. With each tip, I’ll show you how the ensemble changes to look more complete.

Pick out shoes that complement your outfit. Although shoes are often seasonal (for example, sandals in the summer, boots in the winter), you can also pick out footwear based on an event or wherever you happen to be going to. A tip I frequently turn to in the spring and fall is this: Wear a dress, skirt, or cuff your pants, then pair the outfit with heeled booties. It’s a very fashionable look and gives the impression that you really know how to put an outfit together!

Below, find two different pairs of shoes that would work with this outfit.

Of course, jewelry is another way to accessorize. Often we forget that we’re not just limited to necklaces! Rings, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and body jewelry are all fair game! If you’re wearing multiple pieces of jewelry, make sure their color scheme matches: silver with silver, gold with gold (unless mixing silver and gold is just your thing–then go for it). If you’re wearing costume jewelry, make sure that its colors are complementary to your outfit.

Here I’ve added jewelry to each ensemble.

Nails are another important element when it comes to pulling an outfit together. Clean nails, painted nails, fake nails–all of these are better than chipped, dirty fingernails! Plus, nice fingernails always add an element of class to your appearance.

A great way to add to an outfit is with a purse! Whether you switch purses to match your outfit of the day or have one purse that matches with everything, this accessory is both fashionable and functional.

Of course, makeup is a great way to pull an outfit together! You can keep your makeup natural if you’re wearing an earth-toned outfit, for example, or you can go dramatic if you’re attending a big event. Apply some red lipstick to add flair to a plain outfit, or define your eyes with winged liner to accentuate your fashion choices. There are literally millions of makeup options out there. Learn to complement your clothing with cosmetics!

A few other ways to change up your outfit and pull it together:

  • Depending on the outfit, tucking in your shirt is a great way to make it seem more polished. On the other hand, untuck your shirt for a more laid-back, casual look.
  • Add a belt not only to keep your pants up, but also to accessorize. You don’t have to just wear a boring black belt either–feel free to mix it up with different styles and patterns. You can even wear a belt to accentuate your waist rather than using the belt loops on your pants.
  • Putting on a jacket or cardigan instantly adds style (and warmth) to your outfit. Rolling up the sleeves adds even more fashion potential.

Ready to accessorize? Tell me your favorite tips on how to pull an outfit together below! I’d also love to hear which you completed outfit you liked the best!


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