How to Dress Up Plain Shirts

Plain shirts are a staple in every wardrobe, but sometimes styling them can be a challenge. Below I’ll give you some style inspiration and new ideas when it comes to dressing up your plain shirts!

  • Jewelry is an obvious choice when it comes to dressing up plain shirts. A choker, long necklace, or even a string of pearls adds detail to your shirt and makes you look much more fashionable.

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  • Adding a jacket or cardigan to your shirt is another way to dress it up. A bomber jacket, varsity jacket, leather jacket, jean jacket, the list goes on … They’re all great options to add to your plain shirt. Cardigans are also a great way to define plain shirts, especially if the colors complement each other or even contrast each other.

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  • Wearing high-waisted pants is another way to change up the look of your plain shirt. It takes attention away from your shirt and brings it to your waist and hip area instead.

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  • Making another part of the outfit the focus is a great method when wearing a plain shirt. Want to show off your new patterned leggings? Great, a plain shirt won’t distract from them. Loving your new shoes? People’s eyes will be drawn to them because your shirt won’t be too showy.

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  • Pair your plain shirt with a patterned skirt to switch the focus of your outfit. A plain shirt is perfect with a patterned shirt because the ensemble won’t be overwhelming.

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  • Embrace it. Take the minimalist approach and wear a simple, straightforward outfit.

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  • Add a scarf. Especially now in the fall and winter months, this is an awesome way to keep warm and cozy while also staying fashionable.

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What’s your favorite way to dress up a plain shirt? Let me know in the comments below!


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