How to Get the Most Out of Your Wardrobe

If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe might seem so vast and never-ending that it’s hard to utilize every item. Alternately, maybe you have a smaller wardrobe and just don’t know how to use it. Either way, here are a few pointers that should help you out.

  • Use every item in your wardrobe. If there are items you truly don’t like or aren’t going to wear for some reason, donate them. Every item in your wardrobe should be one that you’re willing to wear.


  • Mix and match your clothing. Don’t always pair the same shirt with the same jacket or the same top with the same pants. Mix it up! Find new ways to pair and match your clothing.


  • Switch up your shoes. If you find yourself reaching for flats every day just because they’re simple and easy, rethink your decision and try on some boots instead. Shoes have a huge impact on the outfit as a whole, so you’ll really be changing up your look.


  • Change up your jewelry. You probably have a couple “go-to” necklaces and a few others that often get overlooked. Find ways to wear them!


  • Let the laundry pile up. I don’t mean this quite literally, but if you let your laundry pile up, you’ll be forced to wear items that you normally wouldn’t. You’ll be able to utilize the clothing that usually never gets worn.


  • Don’t allow yourself to “bum it” all the time. Yes, sweats are comfy. No, wearing sweats all the time does not help you get the most out of your wardrobe. If you’re really tempted to bum it, opt for some patterned leggings and a cute top.


  • Don’t fall back on your favorite outfits. We all have them, but don’t let yourself fall back on them too frequently. Put together some new outfits instead! You can still wear your favorites, but don’t let them be the only outfits you wear.


  • Don’t be scared away. Some items in your wardrobe might make you nervous–leather pants, a low-cut top–but they’re in your wardrobe for a reason: you bought them. Don’t let them scare you; take control of the situation and put together a kickass outfit! Wear it around the house until you feel comfortable in it, and then wear it in public with confidence!



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