The Perfect Leg Workout

For all of you out there who want to tone your legs without going to the gym or even without using equipment, this article is for you! I’ve collected quite a few different exercises to work out your legs. Mix and match your favorites for a customized workout.

  • Calf raises. Simply stand normally, then rise up onto your toes, using your calves to pull yourself up. You can stand with your toes on a ledge to make this exercise more difficult.


  • Squats. We all know how to do them, and they’re great for your glutes as well!


  • Lunges. Another exercise to target both legs and booty.


  • Wall sits. Hold it for as long as you can–you’ll really feel it in your thigh muscles!


  • Seated hundred. Use your abs and legs to stay balanced as you pull yourself into position A and back into position B in the diagram.


  • Corkscrews. While lying on your back, lift your legs up and back as if going into a candlestick position, then lean them to the right, back to center, and left. Repeat.


  • Inverted plie. Basically, do a plie squat while lying down. Make sure to engage your leg muscles!invertedplie
  • Glute bridge raises. Lying on your back with your legs bent, use your leg and butt muscles to push yourself into a bridge position.


  • Scissors. Another simple exercise that really makes you feel the burn.


  • Fire hydrants. On your hands and knees, lift one leg as if to pee on a fire hydrant.


  • Inner thigh lifts. While lying on one side with one leg straight on the ground and the other propped up, lift the straight leg about six inches into the air.


  • Glute kickbacks. These are similar to fire hydrants, but you kick your leg back rather than to the side.


What’s your favorite leg exercise? Let me know in the comments below!


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