How to Wear Dresses and Skirts in the Winter

One thing that’s lacking in winter fashion is the ability to wear skirts and dresses. Well, sure, you can wear them–you’ll just be freezing. Below, find a few methods I use to wear dresses and skirts in the winter without contracting hypothermia. Keep in mind that using many of these ideas at once is the best way to stay warm and cozy 🙂

  • Buy some sweater dresses–they’re made for winter wear!

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  • Purchase some fleece-lined tights or leggings (you won’t regret it!) and layer them under your favorite dress or skirt.

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  • Wear a sweater on top of your dress or paired with your skirt to warm up the outfit.
  • Pick out some long boots to keep your legs warm.
  • Put on a scarf to keep you cozy during the winter months.
  • Add a jacket to your short-sleeved dress to warm it up.

What’s your favorite way to wear dresses and skirts in the winter? Let me know in the comments below!



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