A Few of my Favorite Movies

This list is about to reveal what a girly-girl I am at heart … then again, this is a beauty and fashion blog, so what did you expect?

  • Titanic – Young Leo = heart eyes. And I’ve always been fascinated with Titanic (the actual boat and the tragedy, not the movie). I really love Kate Winslet in this movie too. Titanic is probably the only nearly-four-hour movie I can actually sit through.


  • Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging – I’m willing to bet the vast majority of people reading this blog have never heard of this movie. To be honest, if I watched it for the first time now, I probably wouldn’t like it as much as I do. I love it because I first watched it back when I was thirteen or fourteen, so I really related to the plot (it’s about a bunch of boy-crazy fourteen-year-olds). It’s a movie that I never get tired of because it reminds me of myself and my best friend when we were younger.


  • For a Good Time Call – This is another movie I just don’t get tired of. Although the premise concerns a phone sex hotline, the movie is really about friendship. It’s both heartwarming and hilarious. And it’s on Netflix if you want to watch it.


  • 10 Things I Hate About You – Heath Ledger … What more can I say?


  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – I usually don’t like Kate Hudson or Matthew McConaughey, but in this movie I love them both. It’s a typical rom-com, but I love it anyway.


  • Mean Girls – Like everyone else in the world, I can basically quote this movie word for word. It’s still funny no matter how many times I watch it, and I absolutely love Lindsay Lohan.


  • High School Musical series – The first one came out when I was eight or nine, so of course I had the tee shirts, the sheet music, the book, and every other piece of paraphernalia available. Confession: I still get out the sheet music and play “What I’ve Been Looking For” more often than I should. Another confession: My best friend and I still jam out to High School Musical songs.


  • Harry Potter series – This was on my list of favorite books as well. I pretty much have to have a Harry Potter marathon once a year. I just love how my favorite book series came to life through these movies, and how the child actors stayed sane and are even good role models now.


  • Grease – The first few dozen times I saw this movie, I understood none of the jokes. I just loved the music. Once I got older and actually understood the jokes, I only loved the movie more.


  • The Notebook – Don’t kill me for saying this, but I think this is the one time the movie version is better than the book. I just can’t resist Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams together. (Can you believe The Notebook and Mean Girls, where Rachel played Regina, came out the same year?!)


What are your favorite movies? Let me know in the comments below!


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