How to Take Your Makeup from Day to Night

Sometimes, taking your makeup from day to night isn’t as simple as it sounds. Below you can find many of the methods I use to intensify my daytime makeup look or take my natural makeup a step further.


  • If you’re wearing eyeshadow, add a darker shade to the outer half of your lid and blend inwards, blending into the crease as well. This gives your eyes more definition and brings more attention to them.


  • You may not have worn eyeliner during the day. Add a nice wing to make your look more edgy. If you’re already wearing eyeliner, touch it up to make it look like new.


  • Add another coat of mascara to perk up any drooping lashes and add volume.


  • Define your lower lash line with a liner brush and a complementary shade of eyeshadow.


  • If you’re going out or going to an important event, add some falsies for glamour and added sophistication.



  • Throughout the day, oil may have built up on your face. Use blotting sheets to remove excess oil.


  • Conceal any blemishes that have peeked through your concealer throughout the day.


  • Intensify your contour or just add a little bronzer if you’re not a fan of contouring. Either way, your bone structure will be more defined and the bronzer will brighten up your face.


  • Add blush for some color in your cheeks–you don’t want to be washed out.


  • Intensify your highlight (but make sure to blend) so you really stand out.


  • Setting spray is essential, especially if you’re going out. You want to keep all the makeup you applied perfectly in place.



  • Remove any lip products you’re already wearing so you’re working with a clean canvas.


  • Pick a darker, vampier, or more dramatic shade.

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  • Set it with a ply of toilet paper or tissue and some translucent powder so the color will stay all night long.


What’s your favorite way to take makeup from day to night? Let me know in the comments below!


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