How to Make Time to Exercise

I think we all want to exercise. The problem is actually making time to exercise and committing to it. Below I have a few tips regarding how to work exercise into your everyday schedule.

  1. Workout while you’re getting ready! If you’re a multi-tasker, you’ll love this one. There are several different exercises you can incorporate into your morning routine. To read more, check out my post How to Fit In a Workout While Getting Ready.


  1. Commit to exercise; make it as important as your job. Say you work 9-5. You know you have to be at work at 9 and you have to stay until 5–it’s not optional. Set a time for your workout and stick with it.


  1. Take 5 minutes before bed to do a few crunches, pushups, and squats or lunges. You’ll be strengthening your core without sacrificing more than a few minutes of sleep.

Side view of a woman doing sit ups on the floor

  1. Adapt your usual habits to incorporate exercise. If possible, walk instead of drive. If that’s not possible, try to add a walk during your lunch break or sometime during your day.


  1. Workout while lying in bed. You can even do this while you watch TV! Leg lifts are one exercise that’s great to do while in bed. You can also do crunches, planks (warning: they are definitely more difficult on a cushy bed), and supermans.


  1. Think about engaging your muscles while doing everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, waiting in line, sitting at your computer, etc. Simply contract your muscles (you can choose your abs, glutes, arms, legs, whatever you want to focus on) for a few seconds, then release. Do several reps. With time, this simple motion will strengthen your muscles.

Waiting in Line

  1. If you love Netflix like I do, you’ll love this tip: do Netflix workouts. Basically, these consist of a list of exercises to do whenever a certain thing happens on the show. Pinterest has a ton of these, and a few for movies as well.


How do you fit exercise into your everyday life? Let me know in the comments below!


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